Floki's 4th of July

Another lovely day in California. Weather is perfect to celebrate the 4th of July in the fun city of Solvang. Floki started the day with a Danish pastry and watched the city parade as it went by. Floki also went by some of the stores and was able to get some great pictures with some of the scenery. Floki then grab some amazing aebleskiver at Solvang Restaurant then headed to the Santa Ynez Mission where the Rotary was hosting a festival. … »

Floki's trip to LA

Floki the jackalope is off to meet with some friends and explore the busy city of LA. We will see what kind of adventures Floki will get into during his visit. Floki had quite the trip in LA. Seeing famous Hollywood spots and visiting the magical world of Disneyland. Disneyland was a lot of fun for Floki. Downtown Disney had a lot of fun sights to see. … »

The Cuban Way

I stopped by the “Cubanissimo Cuban Coffee House & Cafe” while I was out on errands. Their “Cafe Cubano” was really good espresso with just a hint of brown sugar sweetness. Their Cubano sandwich with the tomato cucumber side just hit the spot after a day out. If in Orcutt California definitely a place to visit. There is also a record shop right next door. The sell all sorts of things even a giant Egyptian coffin. … »