Floki's trip to Colorado Springs

Floki just spent a little under a month in the wonderful state of Colorado. Colorado Springs is such a great place for a vacation. From the beautiful mountains to the great food. He was also able to meet with some friends! Including Scout the Cat! Peterson SFB is a really lovely place! Colorado Springs has some really cool museums as well! … »

Isla Santa Catalina

Did you know there is an island off of the coast of Los Angeles? Neither did Floki before he embarked to Santa Catalina Island. To prepare for his trip, he stayed at an amazing place in LA to get plenty of rest. But even with this extra rest, Floki stumbled onto the ship in the morning. Floki took some photos with some of the statues and fountains once he arrived to the island. … »

Weekend fun

Not every adventure has to be a big one. Some weekends it is good to just hangout out with friends at the park. Waller park is a beautiful park for a game of frisbee golf. After a fun game of frisbee golf, Floki went to a friends place to play some Age of Empires II. … »