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Floki's Valentines

Floki's Valentines

It is already March!!! Floki has been having a blast at the top of the world. Even though he came during the dark season the sun has been getting closer and closer to showing

The base had a fun time setting things up for valentines day with decorations and goodies! The USO also got a face lift. Looks amazing now.

Floki also got to meet some NFL players and cheerleaders! What a lucky Jackalope!

The only bad thing with this time of the year is Storm season. But, do not worry... Floki is ready with his storm bag and parka!


While Floki has to stay in his dorm during the storm, it does not stop him from baking some amazing goods!

And the storm goes just as quick as it comes. Floki makes sure to check the weather channel before going out exploring!

Not as much snow blown in this time around.

Thankfully the day after a storm always looks beautiful.

A perfect day to explore. First stop is the cafe Cool to get some amazing coffee!

Look the sun!

Off to D launch

Already have some ineresting sites on the way.

There is a cabin you can rent out here as well. Maybe Floki can wake up to these views one day.

Second stop is D launch. Where you can find some bunker housing and an adbandon launch site. One can even find a skeleton somewhere inside the bays if you know where to look...

The views of the harbor from D launch is stunning! "Pictures does not do it justice" is such a true statement in this case.

That is enough of D launch. Floki also went towards site to grab some photos. But before that, he was able to get a picture of THE sign and of HQ

The view from  up at site is shocking! You can see all of Thule!

With the sun going down it is time for Floki to get back in the truck and head home.

The sun setting here is nothing like it was back at home. So many colors!

The base is a beacon of light when coming back from site

And with that the day of sightseeing is over. There is still so many places to go see and explore. But, that will have to wait until another day.