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Detour to the land of the free

Detour to the land of the free

Floki had to make a quick trip back to the states. What was suppose to be a week long adventure ended up only being three days. Floki still made the most out of it with seeing some interesting things and eating some good food! Richmond VA was one of the places he went to. There he saw some really cool street art!

The residents also had some funny and interesting decorations for their front yard/porch.

The science museum was ok wutg the fine arts museum was different one of the betters ones that Floki has visited. Worth the trip! After a quick visit to Richmond, Floki went to the National Air and Space Museum.

Was a really cool place if you are interested in air and space crafts.

But the real highlight was visiting one of his dear friends and getting to eat some amazing food that he can not get up in Greenland. While he wishes he had more time to spend with them, Floki still has some work to finish above the arctic circle.