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That is one big Chili

That is one big Chili

What a perfect time of year to get here in New Mexico. While it is freezing cold for the residents, Floki is in summer mode from his time in Greenland. One of the first things Floki noticed is the cool artwork that the locals create.

The food is interesting as well. Basicly everything here can/will come with green chili. Floki did have some good ramen while in El Paso and also made sure to stop at the local favorite in town.


Floki and Chopper as got to go to the Air Force base and see some really cool planes. Even a T-38 which Floki had an opportunity to fly in!

Most days Floki has been utilizing his time to catch back up on school work. Thankfully the view from his room helps with this endeavor.

Doing his breaks, he heads off to the mountains to hike with some amazing views.

And he also help volunteer at a local race. There was even a super pig! New Mexico is one crazy place that Floki is looking forward to explore and experience new adventures.