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Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park

Good morning Las Cruces. Floki is up and early to play some frisbee golf at a nearby park.

Yes it is really earlier, but it is really hot outside during the day. On the way to the course, Floki stopped by the Veterans Memorial Park where the city of Las Cruces has placed all sorts of status and plagues to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Floki also learned something new today. Floki grew up calling the blow-up bouncing houses you see at parties "bouncing castle" and never heard of "Jumping Balloons". He was confused for a bit reading this sign.

After going for the park, Floki arrived to the frisbee golf course. Now to have some fun!

Throughout the course there is benches that seem to be made by a separate person. Kinda neat seeing the different styles.

There is also a weird rock formation... ALIENS!!!!!!

After a fun round of golf, Floki went to the "Sunset Grill" for some yummy breakfast.

Where will Floki go next? Maybe to the East coast?