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Psychiatric Floki

Psychiatric Floki

Floki is headed to the east coast. Visiting Virginia and making his way to New York. Will be hist first time in New York.

Flying can be stressful, but thankfully there is some nice lounges he can stay in.

After spending the night it is off to New York. Floki got to go over some really tall bridges.

And of course after arriving to his destination he had to get some of the local pizza. One of the best he ever had!

The beach is a popular place to spend a nice summer day at. Even if it is a little bit hot outside. Floki even saw a live horseshoe crab there.

Kings Park where Floki went also used to have a Psychiatric hospital that is now abandoned. So of course Floki went to go visit it in person. Super cool how nature slowly reclaims its territory.

It was a fantasic time visiting New York. Now back to the desert, but before Floki signs off. Remember "You a awesome person! Be yourself!!!"