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Floki's is Leaving Vandenberg

Floki's is Leaving Vandenberg

It is time for Floki to say goodbye to the great folks at Vandenberg California. But, before he says his final goodbyes. He wants to show some of the cool things he did the last few months at Vandenberg.

The 533d put on a fantastic showing of Halloween fun with decorations visible throughout its halls. The great Bones was also resurrected during this time due to this festive magic. With his bride to be (so happy for the new couple) Amelia Scarehart, Bones set out to do some shenanigans he always wanted to do.

More of Bones and Amelia's adventures can be view at the 533d Facebook

Just like that, October came and went. To start off November strong, Floki went to the observatory off base to look at some planets and stars for the Star Party.

Afterwards, Floki went to his favorite brewery nearby to have one last drink for a long time. Naughty Oak Brewing Co is an awesome place to hangout with friends and co-workers. Of course he also tried his best at trivia night but you just can not beat those pros.

Floki was able to go watch a soccer game on his last day in Vandenberg. GO GALAXY!!


Buelton was hosting a Fall festival where Floki was able to win some awesome prizes!

However, it is time for Floki to move on. He wishes the best for everyone that he has met and is thankful for all of the awesome experiences he had with everyone. See you all in Colorado!